Why I started an Outdoors Blog

The memories one cherishes are often those that go hand in hand with the things they’re passionate about. Those memories can be about spending time with family and friends, traveling and seeing new things, or even just the memories of a good movie. For me, those memories have always seemed to be set around the time I have spent outdoors in a number of settings. Whether I am backpacking, camping, and off-roading or hiking with my dogs I always get the feeling that everything is right in life. I am excited for what I may see over the next hill, to see my dogs run around chasing each other in pure happiness, to see the smile on my friends faces when they get to experience something completely new to them, etc. If I could say that I do truly have a passion it is being outdoors and showing others just how beautiful this world really is when you take a look from a more natural point of view. So please, join me as I share the places I explore and the lessons I learn along the way!